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Warranty 5 Years

Lamp Service Life 50,000 Hours

CRI +80, +90 as an option

Beam Angle 18W 12°/24°/45°/55°, 25W 15°/30°/40°/55°, 32W 12°/30°/45°/60°

Certification CE and RoHs

Input Voltage AC 220-240V 50~60Hz and Multivotage American market

Adjustable angle Level 350° and vertical 90°

Dimmability Non-Dimmable as standard

Housing color White, Black, Grey


TL85104 ->18W

TL95112 -> 25W

TL106123_32 -> 32W



Track Light Head CEILA

  • Track head light made from aluminium. Track head  light series suitable for Hotels, retail shops, coffe-shops, offices, museums, private houses, private clinics.Led colour temperature 3000K & 4000K as standards. Made from die-cast aluminum, electrostatic powder coating , reflectors made from aluminum specular silver.

    Led drivers , osram, philips. 

    On 3 phase track(PC)

    Other colors available under demand

    Dimming option:DALI/Phase Dim/0-10Dim/Wireless/Bluetooth 

    Non-Dimmable As Standard

    Led Cob CREE

  • Dimming option:DALI/Wireless/Bluetooth 

    Accessories: Barn door - Anti glare ring - Honey comb

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