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Mold Production


Discover Nelux's exclusive design, molding, and production services for exquisite lighting products. From concept to creation, we craft bespoke lighting solutions tailored to elevate any space. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and elegance with Nelux.

Nelux's exemplary control in the manufacture of custom products for demanding customers

Nelux, a leading company in the personalized product industry, stands out for its commitment to providing customers with perfect and desired products. The key to this success lies in its meticulous and comprehensive approach to the control of all manufacturing processes.

Nelux's excellence begins with a deep understanding of each client's individual needs and preferences. Even before starting the manufacturing process, the Nelux team conducts a detailed analysis of the specifications provided by customers. This includes not only the physical dimensions, but also the preferences of color, materials, and any personalized details that will contribute to the uniqueness of the final product.

With the information in hand, Nelux uses state-of-the-art technologies to create virtual prototypes and 3D models. This crucial stage allows customers to view the final product in advance by making adjustments as needed. Transparency and open communication with customers are fundamental pillars in this process, ensuring that every detail is refined until it reaches perfection.

Nelux quality control is not just an isolated step, but an integrated principle in all phases of manufacturing. The strict selection of high-quality materials ensures not only the desired aesthetics but also the durability and longevity of custom products. Each component is subjected to exhausting tests to ensure compliance with higher quality standards.

In addition, Nelux invests in continuous training for its team, ensuring that everyone involved in manufacturing is up to date with the best practices of the industry. Automation is employed whenever possible, increasing efficiency and reducing the margin of error.

Nelux's commitment to sustainability also stands out. The company constantly seeks ways to minimize its environmental impact, adopting sustainable practices in the selection of materials and manufacturing processes. This approach not only meets the expectations of environmentally aware clients, but it also contributes to the construction of a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, Nelux demonstrates complete and exemplary control in all custom product manufacturing processes. From conception to delivery, the company stands out for its attention to detail, commitment to quality, and holistic approach that embraces each client's unique needs. The incessant search for excellence positions Nelux as a reference in the custom product market, creating not only products but experiences that exceed expectations and leave a lasting brand in customer satisfaction.

Since 2010 Nelux has specialised in designing, molding, and production management and control, producing led architectural lighting products. With extensive experience, we have been working for more than 13 years with a huge quantity of lighting designers, interior designers, architects, and distributors offering a long time an exclusive service of high-end lighting products.



Nelux and our clients generate ideas and share knowledge to create new products and solve a particular commercial or technical problem. We  share our ideas to find the best results and design with our clients.


Lighting Design

We understand that our clients projects  are so much more than bricks ,so our clients use our high end lighting products to create spaces that are comfortable, flexible, and beautiful. 
Beautiful lighting design and energy-efficient technology belong together, that’s our goal. 


Mold Production

We are a  qualified consultant supplier to manufacture good-quality for your lighting series production
We offer consulting and experience in CNC precision machining parts,metal mold components and rapid prototyping service. We  have more than 20 years  experience.
Our strengths:
Part design | Mould Design | Painting -Parts Assembly | CNC turning -CNC Milling | Plastic Molding | Casting | Sheet Metal | Extrusion | CNC Machining | Forging | Stamping



Lighting Production

Producing, the MOQ (minimum order quantity) for special products is 1000 pieces. For public moulds the MOQ 100pcs.

Delivery time from brainstorming to production is round 3 weeks however it all depends on products difficulty or client special designs.


Nelux custom lamp manufacturing process: an exemplary control journey

Production of Nelux-customized lamps is a meticulous process that incorporates a series of carefully planned steps to ensure the delivery of unique and high-quality products. From the early stage of conception to the final production, Nelux has completely controlled all aspects of the process, standing out as a reference in the personalized lighting industry.

1. Discussion of ideas:
The process begins with a crucial phase of discussion of ideas. The Nelux team is involved in close collaboration with customers to understand their views, preferences, and specific requirements. This exchange of ideas is essential for creating a solid concept that captures the essence of desired customization.

2. Design:
With clear ideas, Nelux designers turn concepts into reality. Using advanced design software, 3D models and virtual prototypes are created that allow customers to view the final product before production. This design phase is iterative, with constant feedback from customers to refine every detail.

3. Mold manufacturing and production:
Once the design is approved, Nelux begins the manufacture of molds. This is a crucial stage as the accuracy of the molds directly affects the quality of the final product. The use of advanced manufacturing technologies ensures fidelity to the original design. During production, Nelux maintains strict control to ensure that each lamp meets the established standards.

4. Development:
Nelux constantly invests in research and development to incorporate continuous innovations and improvements into its products. Not only does this keep the company at the forefront of lighting trends, but also allows you to offer increasingly personalized and innovative options to customers.

5. Full Control:
The total control that Nelux exerts on these processes is evident at each stage. The company is part of quality monitoring systems to ensure that personalized lamps meet not only aesthetic expectations but also the standards of durability and performance. Automation is carefully incorporated to increase efficiency without compromising attention to detail.

In conclusion, Nelux not only manufactures personalized lamps but also creates tailored bright experiences. From the initial discussions of ideas to the final production, Nelux assumes full responsibility for the process, remaining faithful to the vision of each client. The commitment to quality, constant innovation, and sustainability make Nelux a leading choice for those who seek personalized lighting that goes beyond functionality, transforming environments and raising consumer expectations.

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for considering Nelux for your product needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are here to assist you in every step of the way. Whether you have inquiries about our products, need assistance with customization options, or are interested in receiving a price quote, our dedicated team is ready to help.

Additionally, we understand the importance of timely responses, especially when it comes to pricing inquiries. If you have a specific product or customization in mind and would like to receive a quick and accurate price quote, we encourage you to use our convenient Price Request form.

Rest assured that upon receiving your price request, our dedicated team will work diligently to provide you with a detailed and competitive quote. 

Thank you for considering Nelux. We value your business and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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