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32 years of combined experience

32 years  in the world of fixtures for lighting projects and with the same enthusiasm as the first day, We try to contribute with our experience with a grain of sand to the knowledge and development of products especially focused on lighting designers, architects, interiors and decorators. Since 2010 we have developed the two main lines of our activity:

   1.assembling products with the best brands in the sector in both light sources and power supplies

   2.mold management, product design in direct connection with customers, and subsequent manufacturing. of the mold and production of special and unique products

We are a professional mould product management, controlling all the process of production mainly in die casting parts or cnc precision machining parts and custom fabrication parts.  we do inspection and quality control in the whole processing. Our professional team and the most advanced equipments we work with enable us have the strength to produce products for you with the best quality  and the best precision. 

Based on your drawings(STEP , DWG, and PDF format are preferred), a competitive quote can be offered within 49 hours.


Top quality products for your lighting projects

Nelux only produces and distribute Top quality products for your lighting projects,

Our product concept is to produce and distribute the right luminaire for each space or application, with the best qualities on the market, both in manufacturing material and in components to obtain the perfect results for each type of lighting project; and if the client considers that the development of a new luminaire is necessary, our R&D department allows us to develop and produce the luminaire of their dreams.


Nelux provides the customer with all the information they need, product characteristics, component information, warranty, technical sheets, photometric data, IES files for the proper preparation of the project, also providing our product warranty sheet.

Nelux Indoor Lighting
Nelux Product Light Designers


Nelux offer a lighting product consultancy

Nelux offers a Lighting product Consultancy helping our clients to manage each lighting project according to our product's features.  LED products have changed the way people and organizations evaluate lighting projects. We are here to guide the best available options to our customers to selective the right products to achieve the project of your dreams.

As experts and in-depth connoisseurs of our products, we advise our clients to choose the right product, it is very important for a lighting professional to have all the necessary information about our products and to be able to carry out proper management of their lighting project to avoid unnecessary expenses. , get the most out of the product for the place or area you want and reduce time.

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