Products tailored to your customized lighting solutions

Nelux  believe that most of the leading companies in our sector see the custom lighting of new lighting products for your projects as a proactive process where resources are invested to detect market changes and even provoke them and anticipate product opportunities before they occur. At Nelux we consider the custom lighting as development of new products is an opportunity for our clients to be at the forefront of the lighting sector that is the reason why with custom led light solutions for their own lighting projects, lighting designers can solve multiple problems during the execution of the project.

Nelux is a  global lighting product experts in indoor architecture, for commercial and private buildings. Designing custom led light indoor breaking luminaires which integrate market leading technologies.

we create your custom led solution without limits, all our potential focused on the development of your product to obtain the best design and the best quality to highlight your lighting projects

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At Nelux, the development of a new product consists on the complete process of creating and bringing a new product to market. That is to say, the client, if he wishes, sends us his product in autocad, solidedge, solidworks, etc. format and we carry out a crossing and exchange of ideas and after clarifying the technical and design doubts, we proceed to assess the cost of the mold and the unit price of each unit.

Type of Products

There are a lot of types of new products being made by Nelux. Some are new to the market, some are new to the company Nelux is going to work for, and some are new to both sites. Some are minor modifications. The product consists of offering your product to a market to satisfy its needs.

Nelux is focus on Track Spot lights developments, Down lights, spotlights, linear light profiles , circular light profiles, led strips and all kind or architectural lighting products.

Nelux Unique Experience

Nelux creates products that are unique experiences for our clients' projects, perfectly adapted to their needs and the purpose for which they are developed, such as the design of a hotel, a cafeteria, a museum, a restaurant, a hospital, etc. We develop products of magnificent quality, ensuring efficacy, efficiency and design in the products that we are going to produce for our clients. We dominate the development of products for you, and you will feel supported at all times by our company, updating the status of each product development that we carry out and knowing the time necessary for its manufacture.



If you want a unique product, at nelux we are prepared to carry out a personalized study, if you wish, we will design it for you, and if you are clear about your design, we will study the materials and give you the quotation for the mold and the parts.

At Nelux we have been developing new products for our clients for 12 years so that they can create the ideal product for their projects and unique environments, to find the solution to the needs of the spaces that are going to design specific situations.

We design unique products, making your projects a reality, creating an important symbiosis between Nelux and our clients in the development of new products.

We have manufactured special products in projects for such important firms as Hayak Hotels, Melia Hotels, Sonda in Chile, Inditex Group, Private Companies, etc.

Managing the Manufacturing Process

 Nelux is an experienced Custom lighting products services supplier, controlling and managing the entire manufacturing process of the molds as well as the production process of the batches of pieces.
Our main industrial final lighting products include metal stamping parts, deep drawing parts, casting parts, lathe machining parts, CNC machining parts, and CNC milling. We’ve spent since 1990 refining our knowledge in Management Mould control system, which begins the control since drawing then when we receive raw materials and continues throughout the entire life of the lighting product, we are going to produce for you.

Our knowledge is exclusively applied to lighting products for Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Offices, Museums, Private Clinics, industry, and new industrial buildings. Our main exportation areas are from Hong Kong to Europe, America and Australia


In addition to designing, projecting and manufacturing the luminaires clients want, we guide them on the possibilities of creating your smart lighting products and management that allow them to control the operation of their luminaires and maximise the energy savings introduced by LED technology.
We are at your disposal for any questions


The products that our clients require are unique, exclusive and customised for their lighting projects.
At Nelux, we hold regular meetings with the client in order to challenge and solve numerous situations arising from the development of a product to resolve specific situations, and provide solutions to their lighting projects.

The products we manufacture for our clients are unique and unrepeatable pieces.
We have created important unique luminaires that make a difference in large projects, in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Sydney. Large companies, museums, hotel chains, among others, rely on Nelux for the customisation of LED lighting products.

Main Steps to customise your lighting products.


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Technical Advice


Design Advice

Efficiency Advice