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Sound Absorbing Light Pendant Lamp Downward Direct Emitting is the perfect solution for both lighting and sound absorption needs. With power options ranging from 20W to 60W, this pendant lamp can be tailored to meet specific lighting requirements in any space. The input voltage options of AC100-277V or 220-240V make it versatile for use in different regions. The CCT options of 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K allow for customizable brightness levels to create the ideal ambiance. Available in different sizes to suit various ceiling heights and room dimensions, this pendant lamp is the ultimate combination of functionality and style. Say goodbye to harsh lighting and echoey rooms with the Sound Absorbing Light Pendant Lamp Downward Direct Emitting.

Sound Absorbing Light Pendant Lamp Downward Direct Emitting

  • These commercial-grade LED acoustic felt material pendant lights are designed for sound absorption, The sound-absorbing PET ring in the center of the lamp has Class C sound absorption, reducing reverberated sound by up to 70% . Ideal for open offices, lobbies reception areas and corridors, and other commercial interiors benefiting from reduced noise. Available in seamless runs of any length with a wide range of felt colors. Ideal for intelligent and stylized acoustic lighting. Construction: Die-formed and welded 22-gauge cold rolled steel with sound-absorbing felt material NRC-rated (Noise reduction coefficient) Noise Reduction Material: 100% virgin polyester pewter and slate acoustic felt colors are standard. Lens: Glare-free snap-in opal PC diffuser for even distribution. Voltage: AC100-277V / AC220-240V,50/60 HZ. Dimming Option: ON/OFF,0-10V, TRIAC, DALI, DALI Push Dimming, DALI DT8 (Tunable White) CRI: 80+ is standard, 90+ optional. Lifespan: >50,000 hours. Warranty: 5 Years carefree for parts & components.

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