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Introducing the LED Recessed Ceiling light in 6W and 10W from our Canddle Series. These lights are designed to brighten up your room with power options suitable for various needs. You can choose the lumens that fit your space requirements and different Color correlated temperatures of 3000K or 4000K. We also offer different finishing colors including Black, Grey, and White to match your interiors. If you require additional CCT options, you can contact us for more details. Upgrade your ceiling lighting with our efficient and stylish LED Recessed Ceiling lights.

LED Recessed Ceiling light 6W and 10W

  • CD4011 6W , Luminous flux 400-500lm, 15º,24º,36º, CRI>90 

    CD4008 6W , Luminous flux 400-500lm, 15º,24º,36º, CRI>90 

    CD4012 10W, Luminous flux 800-900lm, 15º,24º,36º, CRI>90

    CD4010 10W, Luminous flux 800-900lm, 15º,24º,36º, CRI>90

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