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Introducing the vintage-inspired Edison Bulb T32, available in three different wattages: 25W, 40W, and 60W. These classic filament bulbs are designed to mimic the look of the original Thomas Edison light bulb, adding a touch of nostalgia and industrial charm to any space. With a T32 shape and E26 base, these bulbs fit seamlessly into most standard light fixtures, making them a versatile and stylish choice for both residential and commercial settings. The warm amber glow emitted from these bulbs creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of restaurants, cafes, and homes. Whether you're looking to illuminate a modern industrial loft or a vintage-inspired bistro, the Edison Bulb T32 is the perfect choice for achieving a timeless and stylish lighting design.

Edison Bulb T32 25W 40W and 60W

  • Model T32-8FL

    Size W32*H225mm

    Base E26/E27/B22

    Watt 25W/40W/60W

    Voltage 110-130v/220-240v

    Ra >80

    Finish Clear/Amber

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