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Introducing the vintage-inspired Edison Bulb T26, available in three wattages: 25W, 40W, and 60W. These bulbs combine the classic look of Edison-style filament with modern efficiency and durability. The T26's teardrop shape and warm amber glow make it the perfect option for adding a touch of nostalgia to any space. Whether you're looking to create a soft, ambient atmosphere with the 25W bulb or need a brighter option for task lighting with the 60W bulb, our Edison T26 series has you covered. Elevate your lighting design with these charming and versatile bulbs, ideal for use in any setting from homes and restaurants to commercial spaces.

Edison Bulb T26 25W 40W and 60W

  • Model T26-19FL

    Size W26*H185mm

    Base E26/E27/B22

    Watt 25W/40W/60W

    Voltage 110-130v/220-240v

    Ra >80

    Finish Clear/Amber

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