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Nelux show up the wonderful Linear Track Lighting for your lighting projects, you can apply the installation of our Linear Track Lighting in a large number of projects such as commercial projects and residential projects, etc. Given the evolution of the world of design and in particular that of the world of lighting with the incorporation of LEDs, it allows us to work in a really wide field of design. Linear Led track lighting last much longer than traditional track lighting while saving 80% energy. Benefiting form LED lighting technology, Led Linear Track Light are great for multiple lighting projects , our Track Linear Light adopt CREE or Samsung LED chips and can install another type as an option as light source, matched with high quality LED driver built in for reliability and performance. Easy to install, plug and play.Our Linear Track Lighting can be supplied with different track adaptors to suit different track systems.With a variety of track connectors, the Linear Led Track Lighting rails can be easily joined together.

Likewise, each project is a testing ground for designers and a platform for new ideas, concepts and trends for Nelux Linear Led Track Lighting you can check below, striking, comfortable and practical areas are sought in the kitchen, bar, cafeterias, the residential world, lobby.

Finally In the vast world of lighting, there are many interesting Linear Track Lighting to illuminate an area or a place, as well as many possibilities within the same product, since we can play with its cct, with its regulation with its lumens, etc. Due to this great variety of possibilities, we must know how to find the lighting that best suits the area you want to illuminate. The lighting should be bright enough to get the job done, but also something that works with the design of the room or area to be lit.

With Linear Track Lighting in particular, there are a plethora of options. It is a linear, aesthetic system, with a lot of design, it is a very suitable option for Retail shops, supermarkets, showrooms, Retail shops, Warehouses, Production facilities, Halls, Offices, Conference rooms, Automotive and Parking, Library, Bookstore, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants etc



Linear Track Lighting is a great option for a great variety of lighting projects, thanks to its functionality and versatility. If you want to elevate the lighting experience of your lighting projects all you have to do is install a Led Linear Track Lighting and pair it with the right track light. Track Linear Light is typically used for for task , accent lighting even ambient lighting, so it has multiple applications . If you are looking for Linear Track Lighting ideas you can check below and see the multiple applications you can manage with these fixtures, get some inspiration from these of our beautiful products, concepts and designs. 

Featuring an elegant and modern design, the Linear Track Lighting fitting differs from common track lights with its linear or rectangular shape. They are the perfect additions for projects require a unique element to their interior. It is designed to be incorporated to standard tracks such as 2, 3, or 4 wires system. Led Linear Track Lighting is very flexible and great to be installed in retail shops and art galleries, not to exclude that this can be used as a task lighting as well. Available in white or black colour as standard and other color as an option.

Nelux would be very happy to assist you for any questions.

Please contact us for more information on this new product or for your lighting project!


Here you have our Linear Track Lighting products , remember for Net Prices, please contact us, and we will send you special prices for your quantities order.

n addition to our own LED track Linear Track Lighting, Nelux also offer OEM and ODM service for customers accross the world.

Main Features of Nelux Linear Track Lighting

  • Energy efficient, instant start and flicker free

  • Die cast Aluminium housing with high quality surface treatment

  • Instant start and flicker free

  • High lumen output, minimum 80 lumens per watt

  • Ra>80

  • Various beam angle options (flood and narrow)

  • Available in warm white, neutral white and cool white colours

  • Available in non-dimmable and dimmable version

  • DALI dimming and 0-10V dimming optional, also Bluetooth Tuya, Bubblynet,...

  • CE, SAA, RoHS compliant...

RETAIL PRICES (net prices contact us)

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Due to the multiple characteristics that the linear track lighting has, such as placing it in the position that we want within the track, it can be installed in supermarkets, in shops, in stores, in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, in residences, etc.

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