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Introducing our T8 Led Tube 24W UNI 150cm, the perfect solution for businesses and homes looking to upgrade their existing fluorescent tube lighting. This tube offers an impressive 24W of power, providing bright and efficient lighting for any space. With a length of 150cm, it is suitable for a variety of applications, from offices to retail spaces and more. The UNI designation means it is compatible with most existing fixtures, making for an easy and cost-effective upgrade. Say goodbye to flickering, inefficient lighting and hello to the energy-saving, long-lasting benefits of our T8 Led Tube 24W UNI 150cm.

T8 Led Tube 24W UNI 150cm

  • Material GLASS

    Length 150cm / 5ft 

    Power 24W

    Lumen 2800lm

    Lm/w 117lm/w

    Packing Corrugated sleeve

    Certification CE,ERP


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