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Introducing our T5 LED Tube 18.5W AC Direct 150cm, the perfect lighting solution for your commercial or industrial space. This energy-efficient tube offers 18.5 watts of power, providing bright and consistent illumination without the high energy costs. With a length of 150cm, this tube is suitable for a variety of applications, including offices, warehouses, and retail settings. The AC direct technology allows for easy installation and eliminates the need for a ballast, saving you time and money on maintenance. Upgrade to our T5 LED Tube today and experience superior lighting performance that lasts for years to come.

T5 Led Tube 18.5W AC Direct 150cm

  • Material GLASS

    Length 150cm / 5ft 

    Power 18.5W

    Lumen 2800lm

    Lm/w 151lm/w

    Packing Corrugated sleeve

    Certification CE,ERP


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