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We are introducing our Neon Light 10W 24VDC from the SIDE BEND SERIES. With a sleek design and compact size of 5000×15×15mm, this neon light is perfect for adding a pop of color and modern flair to any space. This energy-efficient light is powered by 24VDC, making it a great option for residential and commercial applications. The side bend design adds a unique and stylish touch to the overall appearance, while the 10W power output ensures a bright and vibrant illumination. Whether for accent lighting, signage, or decorative purposes, our Neon Light 10W 24VDC SIDE BEND SERIES is an ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their lighting game.

Neon light 10W 24VDC SIDE BEND SERIES.Size: 5000×15×15mm.

  • REF: KH-1515-24V08-2835S-120D


    ·15*15mm middle standard size, with side view uniform light.

    · High-quality silicone, corrosion resistance, anti-yellowing.

    ·Good flexibility, good bending, easy modeling, and anti-pulling force.

    ·Silicone extrusion process, IP67 protec􀆟on level.

    ·Applied for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and architectural outline

    lighting etc.

    Power 10W/m  

    Input Voltage 24VDC

    Input Current 0.4257A/m

    Cutting Unit 6LEDs/50mm

    Size 5000×15×15mm

    Bend Diameter >60mm

    Copper foil  2oz/3oz

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