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Introducing our GU10 LED Bulb 7W Dim, the perfect combination of energy efficiency and versatile lighting options for your home or business. This dimmable LED bulb allows you to create the perfect ambiance in any room, with the ability to adjust the brightness to your preference. The 7W power consumption means you'll save on energy costs while enjoying long-lasting, high-quality illumination. This LED bulb is the ideal choice for spotlighting, track lighting, and recessed fixtures, providing a warm and inviting glow wherever it's installed. Upgrade your lighting with our GU10 LED Bulb 7W Dim and experience the benefits of superior performance and customizable lighting at your fingertips.


  • Flicker-free

    Ceramic + PC

    3 years warranty

    Suitable for application in dump locations

    Suitable for use in totally enclosed lighting fixture

  • Voltage 120V AC / 230V AC

    BASE GU10


    Power 6.8W

    Lumens 850lm

    Dimension(mm) ∅70x53

    Weight 113g

    P.F 0.9

    CRI 80/90/95

    SDCM 4/6


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