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Nelux Architectural Lighting is a lighting company specialised in Architectural Lighting. It is only with a good architectural lighting that we can perceive spaces. Architectural lighting can be interactive or go unnoticed. But with light you can also influence architectural perception: It widens and accentuates spaces, establishes links and delimits areas and zones. With light we can perceive spaces.

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Nelux show up the best Recessed Light for your lighting projects, you can apply the installation of our Recessed Light in a large number of projects such as private houses, offices, commercial projects, hotels, retail, residential, etc. Given the evolution of the world of design in Led Recessed Lighting and in particular that of the world of lighting with the incorporation of LEDs, it allows us to work in a really wide field of design.

Nowadays Recessed Ceiling products are a wonderful option for hotels, bars, restaurants,...Living room, office, kitchen, bathrooms, hallways or stairs, no matter where, Recessed Spotlight are perfect to provide the necessary light to any room. Choosing the best one can be complicated, but in Nelux we are specialists in Led Recessed Lighting field for over 35 years. Nelux offers you the best selection of  Recessed Light and we advise you on how to achieve the perfect lighting you are looking for.

No matter what kind of decoration your house has, in Nelux we have a wide variety of Recessed Light products. In addition, you can also choose between a LED or dimmable Led Recessed Lighting.

Recessed Light is perfect for illuminating a particular corner or for highlighting a decorative. They are also perfect for general lighting in the house if they are well distributed throughout the space.

From nelux we advise you to browse this page to see all the variety that we have and you can make the best choice and if you have any questions, contact us and we will answer you quickly.

Recessed Light
Recessed Spotlight


Recessed Light is a great option for a great variety of lighting projects, thanks to its functionality and versatility. If you want to elevate the lighting experience of your lighting project all you have to do is install beautiful, and the best performance of our Recessed Light. Recessed Spotlight is typically used for for task or accent lighting, while with wide beam angles are commonly used for ambient illumination . If you are looking for Led Recessed Lighting ideas you can check below and see the multiple applications you can manage with our Recessed Spotlight, get some inspiration from these of our beautiful products, concepts and designs.

Finding the perfect Led Recessed Spotlight for your home or your lighting project is a task that takes time. You can find here below some of our new Recessed Light Series with different shapes, sizes and colours, so it's essential to take your time and make the right choice we also recommend to contact to a lighting professional. Whether for any lighting project you will be able to choose from a wide variety of our products.

it is important to make the right choice of Recessed Light products as well as the rest of the lamps that will form part of your project.

Restaurant, Cafeterias, Showrooms, Museums , Gallerias, Car-Dealer, Retail Shops, Residential properties, Hotels no matter where, Recessed Spotlight products are perfect to provide the necessary lighting to any project.

Here below Nelux offers you the best quality of Recessed Lighting and advise you on how to achieve the perfect lighting you are looking for.


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