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Introducing the powerful and efficient Solar LED Street Light 80W Isasl, the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs. With a high-performance solar panel and energy-efficient LED bulbs, this street light can provide exceptional brightness and illumination for your streets, parking lots, and other outdoor spaces. Its durable construction is rated IP65 for water and dust resistance, ensuring reliable performance in any weather conditions. Additionally, the IK09 rating guarantees high resistance to impacts, making it a safe and reliable lighting solution for high-traffic areas. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with the Solar LED Street Light 80W Isasl and enjoy long-lasting, eco-friendly illumination.

Solar LED Street Light 80W Isasl

    • Elegant all in one structure design, saving transportation cost, easy to install and convenient for maintenance
    • 140° wide lighting angle covering wider road area
    • Adjustable angle lamp arm, can be used in two differerent types of lamp pole.
    • Die-cast aluminum bracket, high mechanical strength, anti-wind resistance of level-16
    • Snap-type battery box design, convenient for battery and controller maintenance
    • Adopt high-efficiency mono solar panel and LiFePO4 lithium battery
    • Self-developed intelligent control system, ensure the lighting time and stability
  • Slaze 80W

    Number of LED 216pcs

    LED Luminous  and light source: 150LM/W, 216pcs SMD3030 led chips

    Battery(LiFePO4)  160WH, LiFePO4 lithium Battery

    Solar Panel(Mono) 40W monocrystalline PV module

    Solar Charge Time 5~6 hours by bright sunlight

    Backup in rainy day >3 days (Motion sensor mode)

    Install Height suggested to be 4~5 meters

    Lighting Mode: 3hrs 100%+2hrs 70%+5hrs 50%+2hrs 25%(Can be customized based on customer need)

    Size(mm)  800*360*100mm

    Material Die-cast Aluminium + PMMA

    IP Class IP65

    IK Class IK09

    Lighting time 4-5 nights

    Working Temperature 0℃ to 65℃

    Warranty 5 Years

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