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Introducing the PAR30 20W COB E27 LED bulb, the perfect lighting solution for any commercial or residential space. This energy-efficient bulb uses 20 watts of power, making it a great replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs. The COB (chip-on-board) technology provides superior brightness and color rendering, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. With a standard E27 base, this bulb is easy to install in any existing fixture. Whether you need to illuminate a retail space, office, or home, the PAR30 20W COB E27 LED bulb is a reliable and long-lasting lighting option.

PAR30 20W COB E27

  • Housing material:  Aluminum

    Voltage: AC85-277V 50/60Hz

    Warranty: 2 years

    Lifetime: up to 25.000 h

    LED: COB

    INSTANT LIGHT ON: <0.5 s = 100% light

    On/Off: > 15.000

    Housing finishing: grey/white/black

  • PAR30 COB 20W made in Aluminum

    BASE E27

    CCT 3000K | 4000K | 6500K

    BEAM ANGLE 24°

    POWER & LUMENS 20W 1600lm  

    SIZE φ95xH125mm and SIZE φ95xH86mm


    PF >0.9


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