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TRACK SPOT LIGHT | Download Retail Prices for fast-moving consumer products

NELUX would like to offer you the opportunity to receive customized net prices tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact us and we will offer you the best Track Spot Light prices for your lighting projects


Explore and download the series of TRACK SPOT LIGHTS that best meet your requirements. Carefully select these versatile and efficient lighting solutions for your upcoming projects. Designed to enhance illumination and aesthetic appeal, our track spotlights offer unparalleled flexibility and precision. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including retail, commercial, and residential settings, they provide customizable options to suit any design and functional need. Trust in our high-quality lighting products to bring your visions to life and ensure the success of your projects. Make an informed choice today and elevate your lighting experience with our innovative track spotlights. IF YOU NEED NET PRICES PLEASE CONTACT US

HOFF II Series NT1053-PH.jpg
Hoff Reflector.jpg
3P3C Track Spotlight.jpg

Request our NET Prices

We invite you to request our net prices and minimum order quantities (MOQ) for your upcoming lighting projects. Our team is committed to providing competitive rates and ensuring that your specific requirements are met with the highest standards. By obtaining this information, you can effectively plan and budget for your project needs. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or additional specifications you may have. We look forward to supporting your lighting endeavors and contributing to the success of your project.

Thanks for submitting!

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