In Nelux we believe that we must be at the forefront in New Lighting Trends, working with constant effort and seriousness. At nelux we make very important design decisions as they are decisive for our clients as they affect not only our products but also the lighting projects that our clients are going to carry out creating New Lighting Trends in the market. In Nelux all the New Lighting Trends with the incorporation of new technologies aimed at giving a better simplicity, an easier installation and above all bringing the new technologies in lighting closer to the final customer, point to changes in the design of the projects and to deeply assess the importance of lighting within the world of construction. At Nelux we understand the impact that poor energy efficiency has on the planet, which is why we use the most cutting-edge technology and the most efficient accessories in our products to obtain the best result in a final product.

Nelux (HK) international, ltd , Founded in 2010


Nelux (HK) international, ltd , Founded in 2010


Led Museum-Gallery-Shops Track Light Spot  Light


Led Motorized Track

Spot Light

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Led Magnetic


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Nelux (HK) international, ltd , Founded in 2010


Outdoor Lighting Products


Nelux (HK) international, ltd , Founded in 2010