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30 years in Lighting Market 


Nelux has a strong and experienced Research & Development Department, which means a variety of new lighting products with stable quality and great performance can be developed each year. A well-trained team with a huge experience is one of the reasons why many customers from different countries choose us for long term commercial relationships. We guarantee the efficient and in time communication between clients and Nelux. If you want to be our agent of an experience, serious and reliable company contact us


Nelux offer you the assistance of sales as following: Nelux comply with all processes with the utmost efficiency the date of shipping, quality and quantity agreed upon in each purchase order.

New Products

Nelux offers a wide variety of new products every year to meet the needs of the lighting market.


Nelux provide you with the technology support and the necessary training.


Nelux design, produce and distribute  all kinds of led downlights , led wall light ,track lights, pendant lights, etc offering you one stop solution for lighting projects.


Nelux replace the defective products under warranty free of charge to you according to investigation report on the defective products. Please check on our Warranty conditions


Nelux inform our clients in time of the opportunities of any deals that are generated directly and are originated in the Distribution Territory.


Economic Support

Nelux provide samples and e-catalogs, to start a new market 


Indoor Products

Wide range of architectural indoor products to satisfy our clients

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Outdoor Products

Wide range of outdoor products to satisfy our clients

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