Led Light Array is the solution for our our clients in multiple spots when we discuss in detail, every aspect of each concept direction, and design issues for their lighting projects, that is why nelux always decides to be at the forefront in the design of Led Light Array like our multi-dot luminaires. The Led Arrays concept is spreading very quickly in new lighting projects such as hotels, restaurants, museums, avant-garde offices, apartments, shops, etc. Our Led Light Array is a new compact, it is a smart luminaire offering a wide range of solutions for complementary applications; with its compact and neutral design, and different beam angle available it can be easily integrated into existing and new building structures. SMD Led Array luminaires with different Led PCB and  a comprehensive smart line-up of recessed and surface mounting systems, designed for people looking for a minimalist, and straight line designs that will wholly meet their lighting needs. Thanks to Led Arrays designs , top led brand , mechanical resistance and premium drivers will not disappoint your expectations of longevity. If you need a special Custom Led Array for any singular lighting project nelux can produce for you.



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LED Light Array are assemblies of LED packages or dies that can be built using several methods. Each method hinges on the manner and extent to which the chips themselves are packaged by the LED semiconductor manufacturer.

An LED arrays present a series of small Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs distributed according to a very precise scheme. This method involves several advantages. For example, the fixture's heat dissipation requirements decrease as the LEDs are spaced further apart and are also lower in wattage, thus allowing for a slimmer and more minimal fixture design. The LEDs are smaller than usual to improve optical control, forming more concentrated and narrow beams and allowing lenses to be used in combination with reflectors.

In addition, by working in a Led Array Design with wide beam optics and wall washer panels, it is possible to achieve greater diffusion of the light projected on the wall and obtain a larger illuminated surface. The possibility of arranging the SMD Led Array in different combinations and shapes makes it possible to respond to specific lighting requirements.

Additional benefits can be obtained by using diffuser panels and satin optics, as the separate configuration of the light sources results in an even wider light emission on the surface.