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Hotel Lighting Led Wall Washer is a lighting product in which its vertical, indirect lighting is placed in the ceiling or floor at a wider distance from the wall. This way, the light can fall down on the wall in an equal, uniform way. This provides a "washed" effect of the wall so that shadows and defects disappear from the wall. The distance to be taken into account always depends on the Led Wall Washer Lights and the specific situation.

Nelux offers different Led Wall Washer Downlight that can be used for wall washing, for example: the WW Hotel Series  with different power and sie for your different lighting projects. Check our catalog

Another important aspect to take into account with Hotel Lighting Wall Washer is that the fixtures are attached to the ceiling at regular intervals. This distance determines the brightness of the surface.

Led Wall Washers placement plays a large role in creating these two distinct effects: For wall washing, the fixture is typically a minimum of 12 inches around 30cm away from the wall, creating an evenly distributed light that makes the wall texture appear flat and expansive—ideal for creating visually smooth surface.

Integrated moodlighting for highlighting your rooms features. Wall washers can completely change the appearance of a room, from white lighting to open up a space to colour options that bring any night to life. These fittings are cleverly designed to minimise glare and hide their light source while properly lighting the wall or ceiling they are mounted on. Interior Led Wall Washer allows to create light and colour in a space without huge unsightly equipment. You also have the added bonus of very low power consumption and minimal heat output.

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Wall washing is an important feature that is often overlooked, downlights create light in the centre of a room whilst wall washers highlight edges to create a space that feels bigger. Take a look at any stylish restaurant or bar and you will see the walls lit to produce an open and welcoming atmosphere.

To optimally achieve the effect of wall washing, there are a few things that you should take into account:

  • Provide a white or light matte color on the walls for optimum light reflection. Dark surfaces reflect a lot less light.

  • Pay attention to the distance between the fixtures and the wall. Lighting that is placed too close to the wall is more likely to create a wall grazing effect. This means that the focus will be on the details of the walls instead of the wall as a large spatial surface.

  • Take into account the strength of your lamps in combination with fewer matt walls when you want to apply this technique. Walls that are too lit and smooth can cause glare.

The right lighting technique naturally depends on what effect you want to achieve. If you want to enlarge the spaces in your home or office, wall washing can be the perfect solution.

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LED Wall Washers Indoor Lights



1.- Nelux led wall washer lights indoor are integrated into space, simple design, draw out the simple beauty of outline, simple commercial design appearance, bloom the beauty of pure line. Easy to install. The surface of the lamp body is powder coating , which made it able to resist different temperatures at home
2.- Combined with different light beam angle, a variety of light ways, to show the uniform smooth bright soft and comfortable effect. The unique process design of the end cover can effectively solve the dark area between the lamp and the lamp.
3.- Easy to install

4.- Any question about our led wall washer lights, please feel free to contact us


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