Modern Led Ceiling Lights for your Lighting Projects

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With Ceiling Lights Nelux  can offer a great range of Ceiling Light Fittings to create a beautifully lit space,

We understand that every customer, every house and every project is different. so we provide a range of Ceiling Lights to suit all requirements you will need for your lighting projects.

Lighting Designers, Distributors and Importers , our clients, know what they need from their lighting but not their clients so both Nelux and clients find the right Ceiling Lamps for the final client to creare a perfect lighting area.

Choose which combination of ceiling lights will suit your space the best based on the size of the room, the type of light you need, and your personal style. Keep in mind that each type of light can serve multiple purposes in light layering.

The right Ceiling Light Fixture can transform any space. With so many types of ceiling lights available, we’ll help you figure out which ones are right for your home, restaurant, hotels, etc.

With installation of Ceiling Light Fixture you can get a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting achieving a balance of light that meets all of your needs.
The first step is to create ambient lighting. This will produce general lighting in the area we want to illuminate.
After your space is adequately lit, add some task lighting to focus on specific areas where you want concentrated light. Task lighting is essential for activities like reading, cooking, and grooming.. and finally the accent lighting with Led Ceiling Lights with a reduced beam angle concentrating the light. Also dimmable light fixtures Ceiling Lamps the ambience give your a plus to your home and allow you to adapt your space to any occasion.

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Ceiling Lights are lighting fixtures directly mounted on the ceiling usually for the general illumination of the room or a specific section of it are called with several names  as ceiling lights, ceiling light fittings, ceiling lamps, etc

Our Led Ceiling Lights are for different uses as commercial, retail shops, offices, restaurants, cafeterias, etc 

Nelux has different Product Features for each model to solve clients demand.

The main characteristics of our ceiling light are: Ultra narrow aluminum alloy frame design, large luminous surface, appropriate height design, make the whole lamp round and full,Die-casting aluminum ADC12 for housing and heat skin, good texture , superior heating output.

2. Imported chips-Taiwan Everlight 2835, and other from different brands, high brightness ,long life span.Bottom luminous design, fully meet the requirements of heat dissipation, high brightness, good consistency, small light

3. AA grade eye protection design,PMMA diffuser with high transmittance, good light source comfort, low blue light harm, uniform illumination, no stroboscopic.CRI>80, the goods can be shown near to its own color. Close to the Nippon paint surface treatment, smooth, bright and clean.

4. One lamp dual use: suitable for ceiling type installation and suspension type installation

5. Multiple sizes: Φ 175mm, Φ 210mm, Φ 250mm, Φ 350mm, Φ 400mm, Φ 500mm, Φ 600mm, Φ 800mm, Φ 1000mm

6. Various light distribution modes are available:

1> Regular style

2> 0-10V dimming

3> 0、10%、40%、100% Sectional dimming

IMPORTANT, all these features are optional, each Ceiling Lights have its own characteristics.

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Ceiling lights are very versatile and depending on the color temperature and the opening angle they allow very different applications. Choose which combination of ceiling lights will best fit your space based on the size of the room, the type of light you need, and your personal style. Keep in mind that each type of light can serve multiple purposes in layering light!



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