Batten light main features

1. Fashionable 

2. Big range of shapes and sizes

3. Commonly used in public areas

3. No flickering

4. Replace traditional fluorescent tube fixtures

5. Economic products

6. Save money

7. Surface-mounted and suspended 

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Batten light led

Batten light led as fashionable and commercial led lighting fixtures to come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of different settings, depending on requirements. 

Batten fittings typically house one or two led PCB and are commonly used in public areas such as car parks, industrial elevators, toilets, and train stations large parking lots, shopping malls and offices room as well as domestic areas such as private garages, utility rooms, kitchen, pantry ... The technology also removes the annoyance of flickering due to the LED lights not needing to warm, as soon as the light switch is activated, the batten will light up.

what is led batten?

LED batten lights, which are the newly & modern equivalent of fluorescent tube fixtures. But led batten light full with the best advantages, especially its adopts LED as the light source is not only saving more energy, but also save more money.

More importantly, compared to the traditional tube lights,  batten light can provide a more stylish look. High quality led batten light fittings would play a very significant role for the entire project. 

Led batten lights are the best replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes. You can choose from surface-mounted and suspended. Below Check out our widest range of lighting battens.

Batten lights applications

Different led batten lights for different applications

Lineled led batten light series, with a big range of led batten light, we offer our clients one led batten light for each space. After 25 years in the lighting market and 10 years settled down in Hong Kong, we are client-oriented to serve the best product and quality to very competitive prices.  Nelux is a leading and very innovative company any product you want we can develop and manufacture for you. Warmly welcome for any doubt or question please contact us.


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